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Metal roofs trounce Asphalt at every turn.

Abominable Asphalt

Asphalt roof quality has dropped dramatically in the past decade due to cutbacks in the asphalt oil content used by the manufacturers of roofing shingles.

Instead of using the a high quality ratio of product materials, more and more of these shingles are being made with binders and other fillers. The less asphalt in your shingle, the worse the shingle.

Current day asphalt shingles are highly vulnerable to breakdown, shedding, cupping, etc even within a year of being installed.

Metal roofs are permanent and have none of these issues.

Asphalt shingles look like a good choice due to their low up-front cost, however asphalt loses its long-term value quickly and is actually a bad investment.

Metal roofing on the other hand is becoming a much more sought after alternative.

Metal has a number of benefits over asphalt, and none of the down sides.

Metal Roof Superiority and Why Asphalt Deteriorates

Metal Roofs Trounce Asphalt At Every Turn

Metal Roofs are forever.

Current asphalt roofs are more and more at risk of damage from the elements. In places with significant temparature or humidity swings asphalt is very short-lived.

However, metal roofing doesn't deteriorate over the years. It will maintain its beauty and strength whilst continuing to be good for the environment - and leave the owner with less maintenance work to worry about.

Asphalt Shingle owners beware!

With the poor production changes to the content of asphalt roofing comes the increasing risk of moisture ingress as the tile begins to fail, hastening its inevitable decay.

Once the primary base of the asphalt shingle has been permiated by moisture the battle has already been lost. Shingles will crack, loosen & fail.

Even an otherwise tolerable storm can be the death knell for your asphalt roof, as opposed to a metal roof that will easily stand up to some of the worst weather conditions.

Sealed against Mother Nature

Algae is everywhere! You don't need to worry about your metal roof, though.

Asphalt roofs on the other hand provide such organisms with a good place to grow and spread due to the fillers added to the shingles. While algae may sound harmless, that stained, banded, worn out looking asphalt oof has now lost its value.

This is heavy!

Asphalt roofing is heavier than metal roofing, importantly it has a higher thermal mass.

Functionally this means that it will absorb and retain more heat, so in warm weather your house will take longer to cool down. The longer you have to run an air conditioner for, the more money you burn.

Confusing warranties? No thanks!

With asphalt roofs failing much sooner than they should due to poor manufacturing practices, angry homeowners are fighting shingle companies in court under class action lawsuits.

Metal roofs last a lifetime

Asphalt roofs less than twenty years old (or even ten!) are regularly replaced, and when your roof only has a lifespan of 10-15 years regardless of the warranty period's claims, that's a real cause for concern. With poor weather that number can be even lower!

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