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Absolutely! Installing an entire roof is quick and easy. Each panel comes with pre-drilled holes and is easy to cut and install. In addition, it only takes three roofers to install an entire roof!

Since the metal panels are lightweight, there is no need to rent extra equipment just to get the job done. Panels are easy to transport to the job site. One pallet can carry up to 30 squares.

Becoming a certified metal roofer allows you to save more of your gross income by reducing your in-direct expenses. With less roofers on the job site and less equipment to rent, you can install more roofs allowing you to grow your business.

By joining our network, and becoming a certified metal roofer, we will provide additional business leads for both traditional and metal roofs. We are looking to build a network of certified roofers who would like to grow their business. We often get requests for various types of roofs, but we need roofers who can address the needs of potential customers.

One of the biggest concerns for homeowners in California is how to protect their home from annual fires. Once you install a metal roof properly, it will help protect your customers from the embers of nearby fires.

As metal roofs are non-combustible, they offer some of the best protection available against external fires. Compared to other materials that offer fire protection with the usage of special fire resistive treatments, but they tend to wash away after a few years of exposure to weather. Many residential fires rapidly spread from embers landing on roofs that don’t have adequate fire protection.

Metal roofing is one of the few roofing materials that are truly fire resistant. It only takes one ember from a nearby wildfire, house fire, or even a tree hit struck by lightning, and a roof made from traditional materials is ignited.

In addition, if a fire starts in the interior of the home, the low weight of the metal offers additional protection from a roof caving in once the fire reaches the attic. Heavier roofing materials significantly increase the chance of a roof caving in. Consequently, fire fighters will not even go inside to fight a fire when heavy roofing materials such as clay and concrete tile are used.

No roof can guarantee that a house won’t catch fire, but incombustible metal roofs can eliminate the roof as a fire risk.

Because metal roofs cannot be easily ignited by embers from nearby fires, metal roofing provides the highest level of protection from fires. In fact, steel roofs provide increased protection from fires due to their melting point being considerably higher than an aluminum roof – about 2500 degrees compared to 1250 degrees.

During a fire, a metal roof is designed to be easy to open. Products that have interlocks or overlaps are the easiest.

This is such a great question, and we get asked this all the time. Usually, metal roofing is installed over plywood and underlayment or an existing roof. Therefore, the sound generated by rain or hail would be similar to other roofing materials. The myth of a noisy steel roof comes from barns that were built with steel roofing installed on open framing and with no insulation.

Initially, metal roofing may cost 2 to 3 times more than some other roofing types, but the overall life cycle costs of metal roofing are substantially lower. Furthermore, the length of product life is doubled or tripled than the life span of some traditional materials.

The decision to use metal is usually based upon the fact that the homeowner doesn’t want to, or cannot afford to, replace their conventional roof every 10 to 15 years. This does not include any energy savings or resale value. Energy savings, insurance discounts, replacement costs, resale value all become important factors when considering the “true cost” of a metal roof.

According to Angie’s List, a quality metal roof will increase the resale value of your home by 1% to 6% or more. If you plan on keeping your property for a while, you will not need to re-roof your home for the next five or more decades.

Energy savings, insurance discounts, replacement costs, resale value all become important factors when considering the “true cost” of a metal roof. Quality metal roofs today offer a worry-free long life, which equates to long-term economy and beauty. With energy costs on the rise, homeowners list their savings as a huge advantage of their new metal roof.

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