What makes Creative Roofing Solutions products so unique?

You can count on Creative Roofing Solutions for the highest level of business ethics. As a distributor of the highest quality metal roofing, we guarantee you exclusive access to the finest building materials available. When you choose Creative Roofing Solutions to customize a roof for your home or business, you will have the peace of mind knowing that you have received exceptional value for your investment.

Not only will you own a state-of-art roofing system that can substantially lower your monthly costs over the entire lifecycle of the roof (energy savings, low-maintenance, insurance discounts, resale value), you will have the backing of a 50 Year Limited Lifetime Warranty or a 30 Year Limited Coastal Warranty depending on the property location.

You can expect a metal roof to last at least 2 to 3 times longer than a regular roof. In general terms, metal roofs last 40 to 70+ years depending on the material since metal roofs can often be repainted versus replaced.

Other roofing materials like wood shingle, shake and tile have varying degrees of weather-related problems that lead to breakdown. Wood shingle and shake roofs often need replacement before twenty years. Concrete tile roofs can crack and warp in the freeze/thaw cycle of more northern climates.

All of the above roofing materials are well-outlasted by metal roofing, which retains its good looks and durability decade after decade after decade.

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Metal roofing can trace its roots back thousands of years, from the copper roofs of Sri Lanka to the aluminum compounds used in ancient Egypt. More recently in the 1700s Zinc became popular in Germany with roofs that were still serviceable after 120 years.

In the modern day America has a long history of working with metal roofing - with steel being the roofing metal of choice. In the early 1900s stamped sheet metal roof tiles became popular on homes, as well as large steel roofing panels for industrial buildings.

Today, we can offer some of the most proven materials from a manufacturer with over 30 years of experience, with all the metallurgical advancements of these last 15 years.

If necessary, metal roofs can be installed over one layer of asphalt shingles on your roof.

However, if the current layer is curling, crumbling, leaking or in disrepair, then it is advised that a tear off should take place.

In some cases, metal roofs can be installed over one layer without a tear-off. A tear-off is when your existing roof is removed, and a new roof installed.

It is also recommended that a watertight synthetic underlayment is first applied when going over your existing shingles. To increase the longevity of your roof, it is much better to tear of the old roof, check the substrate, condition of plywood etc. If someone wants to put our product over an existing roof, we will recommend installation of the batten system.

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All of our roofs require solid decking. Whether the job is over old shingles or directly over wood decking, underlayment should always be used.

An underlayment is required by the International Building Code and it helps protect the backside of the metal from any rough surfaces below the roofing material.

Generally, one layer of synthetic underlayment is used, or one layer of 30-pound felt. In certain areas, as required by code, ice and water shield products or fire-retardant underlayments will be used.

Initially, metal roofing may cost 2 to 3 times more than some other roofing types, but the overall life cycle costs of metal roofing are substantially lower. Furthermore, the length of product life is doubled or tripled than the life span of some traditional materials.

The decision to use metal is usually based upon the fact that the homeowner doesn’t want to, or cannot afford to, replace their conventional roof every 10 to 15 years. This does not include any energy savings or resale value. Energy savings, insurance discounts, replacement costs, resale value all become important factors when considering the “true cost” of a metal roof.

According to Angie’s List, a quality metal roof will increase the resale value of your home by 1% to 6% or more. If you plan on keeping your property for a while, you will not need to re-roof your home for the next five or more decades.

Energy savings, insurance discounts, replacement costs, resale value all become important factors when considering the “true cost” of a metal roof. Quality metal roofs today offer a worry-free long life, which equates to long-term economy and beauty. With energy costs on the rise, homeowners list their savings as a huge advantage of their new metal roof.

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With a traditional roof, property owners often find they regularly shell out more money for repairs. Rather than repairing, re-roofing or replacing your roof every 12-15 years, a metal roofing life cycle of is triple the lifespan of a traditional roof.

Maintaining a metal roof is relatively easy since metal roofing is often referred to as maintenance-free. When a metal roof is installed correctly, it will remain leak-free and look good for at least the life of the product warranty (generally 20-30 years for quality material) even without maintenance.

Metal roofs last longer due to more durable materials and you save more in energy costs.

Despite the higher initial costs, you are guaranteed to save more over the lifespan of your property.

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A metal roof can withstand decades of abuse from extreme weather like high winds, heavy snow, hailstorms and even wildfires. Metal roofing has a 140-mph wind rating, meaning it can withstand wind gusts up to 140 miles per hour. Creative Roofing Solutions product has a wind rating of 200 mph (equal to an F4 tornado).

Under high wind conditions, says architect Rich Carroll, "Metal roofing systems have wind resistance and uplift resistance that is above the new building code requirement. That gives us a sense of relief in that we can use the best material to meet those criteria."

In locations that see heavy snow, metal roofing has been the choice of homeowners for years. It sheds snow fast, which protects the structural integrity of the roof.

If you live in a part of the country that is prone to wildfires, metal roofing can protect your home should burning embers land on your roof.

Metal roofs are also significantly safer to use in high-wind areas with the use of screws rather than nails and the advent of load spread washers – or cyclone washers – which lessen the chances of the roof tearing off in high winds. The result of this technology is very strong roof with superior wind resistance.

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As metal roofs are non-combustible, they offer some of the best protection available against external fires. Compared to other materials that offer fire protection with the usage of special fire resistive treatments, but they tend to wash away after a few years of exposure to weather. Many residential fires rapidly spread from embers landing on roofs that don’t have adequate fire protection.

Metal roofing is one of the few roofing materials that are truly fire resistant. It only takes one ember from a nearby wildfire, house fire, or even a tree hit struck by lightning, and a roof made from traditional materials is ignited.

In addition, if a fire starts in the interior of the home, the low weight of the metal offers additional protection from a roof caving in once the fire reaches the attic. Heavier roofing materials significantly increase the chance of a roof caving in. Consequently, fire fighters will not even go inside to fight a fire when heavy roofing materials such as clay and concrete tile are used.  

No roof can guarantee that a house won’t catch fire, but incombustible metal roofs can eliminate the roof as a fire risk.  

Because metal roofs cannot be easily ignited by embers from nearby fires, metal roofing provides the highest level of protection from fires. In fact, steel roofs provide increased protection from fires due to their melting point being considerably higher than an aluminum roof – about 2500 degrees compared to 1250 degrees.

During a fire, a metal roof is designed to be easy to open. Products that have interlocks or overlaps are the easiest.

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Even the lightest asphalt shingles is nearly double the weight of an average metal roof, and a standard concrete roof weights in at a whipping 15 tons! Metal roofs are smart choices in earthquake-prone areas thanks to their light weight and rigidity.

According to a study by the Department of Civil and Natural Resources Engineering, light metal roofs perform significantly better during an earthquake than other types of heavier roofing materials. Falling concrete or clay tiles are a danger in an earthquake, but more damage was caused by chimneys collapsing on roofs.

The department stated, “Chimney collapse on to corrugated steel roofing often caused no further damage, depending on the height of the chimney, but some fell through the roof or caused rafter failure. Chimneys falling on to tile roofs (concrete or clay tiles, or slate roofs) more often fell through into the house, sometimes causing further structural damage and potential loss of life.”

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Limited Lifetime Warranty of 50 years from the date of purchase provided by the manufacturer for as long as you own your home, transferable for up to 20 years for the initial panels installation, which will then become a materials only limited warranty for 21-50 years. Be resistant to blow-offs in wind velocities up to 200 miles per hour; and will not become penetrated by hail or the Panel’s steel substrate around the point of impact will not be cracked or split. [or “will not become damaged by hail stones of less than 1.5 inches in diameter].

30 Year Limited Coastal Warranty from the date of purchase provided by the manufacturer for as long as you own your home, transferrable for up to 10 years for the initial panels installation, which will then become a materials only limited warranty for 11-30 years. Be resistant to blow-offs in wind velocities up to 200 miles per hour; and will not become penetrated by hail or the Panel’s steel substrate around the point of impact will not be cracked or split. [or “will not become damaged by hail stones of less than 1.5 inches in diameter].

Please contact Creative Roofing Solutions for a copy of these unmatched warranties.

Yes you can count on it. Our metal roofs are available in two styles, and four colors that fit with any architectural style home. Metal Roofs sold by us are designed to replicate the rich beauty of roofing materials widely used today. You’ll love the way they look!

Metal roofs offer a wide variety of panel systems to meet a variety of slope requirements. Typically, metal panel systems can be applied to pitches of 1 : 12 or greater. Actual minimum slopes may be dependent upon roof geometry, substrate, and physical location of the project.

Do your research. Check out their website. If possible, speak or meet with the owners of the company you are considering. Speak to homeowners that had a metal roof installed by the contractor. Ask a recent customer if the contractor had followed through on the things he/she had promised.

Speak to the contractor’s manufacturer regarding their expertise. Make sure they are licensed and insured.

  • How many installers/crews do they have?
  • Do the crews have specific metal products they install?
  • Are the crew leaders on the roofs installing with the other installers?
  • How long have the crew members been doing metal?
  • How long have they worked together?
  • Does the contractor install other products such as windows and siding?
  • How does the contractor address gutter realities or gutter protection with metal roofs?
  • Can they install gutters as well?
  • Approximately how many metal roofs does the contractor install per/year?
  • What made the contractor interested in installing metal roofs?
  • Does the contractor have a network of other contractors to gain knowledge and expertise from?
  • Does the contractor attend yearly seminars or training?

Have the contractor recall a problem they had with a metal roof, and ask how they solved the issue.

Not all metal roofing installation systems are created equal. The key to weather tightness is choosing a fastener system where the elements cannot breakdown the fastener. Exposed fasteners can break down due to the sun and weather conditions. Interlocking panels and snap lock systems for standing seam will hide all the screws/fasteners which are most crucial for staying weather tight.

Like any roof material, metal can be compromised by accumulations of debris. Unlike most other roof materials, cleaning a metal roof of loose debris can be a relatively simple task. While it's unlikely to cause damage, it's always best to attempt to keep your metal roof free of accumulations - just like every other type of roof material.

Metal roofs are designed to withstand the strongest winds Mother Nature can dish out. Most metal roofs are guaranteed to withstand winds in excess of 130 mph. Our roofing panels have successfully withstood simulated winds of 200 mph.(Class 90).

In addition to securing on all four sides and between panels, our metal roofs are anchored to the roof deck with galvanized or stainless steel screws that are virtually impossible to pull out. Our metal roofs have been laboratory tested, field tested and approved, and able to handle all the severe weather coming your way.

Our steel roofs have passed Impact Testing with the highest possible rating of H-4 for durability. This is the highest hail rating in the industry. Steel outperforms all other roofing materials against hail, including asphalt, aluminum, copper, tile and wood. Constructed of high-quality, investment-grade 26 gauge steel, our roof is extremely resistant to hail (Class 4), even large hail (1.5" in diameter).

Our warranty explains this in further detail. Peace of mind in severe weather is just another reason homeowners are moving toward metal roofing.

Lightning occurs from the highest object in an area, regardless of the material from which it is made. Metal roofing does not create nor attract lightning and poses no additional lightning risk to the structures it protects. Refer to this link Published by the Metal Construction Association for more information on this subject.

This is such a great question, and we get asked this all the time. Usually, metal roofing is installed over plywood and underlayment or an existing roof. Therefore, the sound generated by rain or hail would be similar to other roofing materials. The myth of a noisy steel roof comes from barns that were built with steel roofing installed on open framing and with no insulation.

You may be surprised to learn that metal roof systems in most cases, weigh between 1 to 3 pounds per square foot. The actual weight is dependent upon metal gauge and profile of the panel. Metal roof systems are considered a lightweight roof covering compared to their counterparts. With metal roofing weight on a structure is never an issue. The below illustrates the different types of other roofing materials and their respective weights per square foot:

Asphalt Shingle: 2 – 3.5lbs psf
Textured Asphalt Shingle: 3.5 – 5lbs psf
Wood Shingles/Shakes: 3.5 – 4.5lbs psf
Clay or Concrete Tile: 5.5 – 10lbs psf

Most metal panel systems can support the load of an individual walking on them. As with any roof system, care must be taken to not cause damage to the roof due to abrasion or collapsing of raised portion of the panel. When walking on a metal roof, keep in accordance to manufacturer's instructions.

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality products and service. We distribute our products through a highly reputable manufacturer trained in providing customers top quality service and peace of mind.

The home improvement chains carry a narrower array of often lower-quality products. Homeowners who purchase big box products can be severely disappointed by the lower quality metals, coatings, and product designs they purchased. By choosing a Creative Roofing Solutions system, you are assured top-quality products.

Short answer: The oil content in the shingles has drastically been reduced over the years by as much as 50-60%.

Yes, Every option we offer comes in a range of 4 colors. The samples you see on our website are what we can offer to match your home’s unique colors. The best way to see our incredible colors is to call us to request a showing of samples, or schedule a free estimate.

Absolutely! Not only is metal roofing great for your home, it's great for the environment. The recycled content of the steel in a metal roof is about 28% and is completely recyclable at the end of its lifespan. This make metal roofing a green building material.

According to the National Association of Homebuilders Research Center, 20 billion pounds of asphalt shingles are dumped into U.S. landfills every year. If you loaded those shingles into tractor trailers, then lined them up end-to-end, they would make a line from New York City to Los Angeles, back to New York City again, then on to Chicago.

That's a lot of wasted asphalt, but because a metal roof can be installed over your current roof, without tearing off what's already there (in some cases), metal roofing helps to reduce this excessive shingle waste.

Many customers have reported and documented energy cost savings of 25% – 45%. Your actual energy savings will vary depending on how much you run your air conditioning during the summer months and if your roof is properly vented and contains enough insulation to save you $MONEY$ in the winter months.

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Actually, a metal roof can save you money on your a/c costs because it has a higher heat reflectivity than other roofing products like asphalt/fiberglass shingles, wood, tile, etc. During the summer, it makes buildings cooler by efficiently reflecting away sunlight and reducing the amount of heat transmitted into the building.

Likewise, it makes buildings warmer in the winter by reflecting inside heat from the underside of the roof back into the building. This good thermal reflectivity translates into energy savings by reducing cooling costs in the summer and heating costs in the winter.

The differences have to do with the style or profile of the metal. High profile metal roofs are designed to resemble cedar shake shingles, tiles and lower profiles are designed to mimic a composition shingle. Rule of thumb; lower pitched roofs will look more attractive with lower profile metal roofs and the opposite holds true for higher profile roofs as well. If one prefers the traditional look of a vertical panel with ribs, then standing seam will be your style choice.

An important decision required is; which style do you prefer and which will look best with your home? There are also certain structures that call for a particular type of permanent roof. For example, different types of flat roofing are also available for homes or sections of roofs that have little to no pitch and cannot handle metal. At times, a combination of products may be required to make sure your roof is leak proof.

Time with an experienced metal roofing professional to assess your needs and educate you on all available styles is recommended.

ArcelorMittal steel - the world's largest steel and mining producer in the world from Germany roofing panels are protected by maximum corrosion resistance with Noble Matt coating. Each season brings heat, cold, rain, hail, and snow, but Noble Matt coating protects our roofs from discoloration and corrosion and provides a permanent finish to our steel roofing materials.

With our steel roofing and Noble Matt coating, your roofing projects become fewer and farther between. No need to worry about rust, corrosion or color fading.

No need to worry about color fading. Our limited lifetime warranty means your roofing color will stay true for decades. This coating protects the steel from fading and ordinary wear and tear.

The average metal roof installation takes 3-5 days from start to finish. Obviously, larger and more difficult roofs will take longer to install. This means the amount of time that each project takes varies upon the scope of the job.

We’re not going to take any shortcuts because we believe the installation of your metal roof should be done right the first time around. Once we start your metal roofing project, we will stay on the job (weather permitting) until your installation is 100% completed to your satisfaction.

Yes, gutters can be used with metal roofs. In most cases, our advice is to use a heavy-duty gutter such as a 6” K-Style gutter produced from .032” aluminum. Additionally, we advise hanging the gutters as high as possible, with an appropriate pitch for drainage. In order to avoid interference with the roof system, gutters should be installed using fascia-mounted brackets. If necessary, the roof system drip edge can be notched to allow for the brackets. The drip edge should always direct water into the gutter.

Many of the gutter protection and cover systems can also be used with metal roofs. Our preference is the Flamingo Modular Gutter System (steel w/ a 30 year warranty) that is also part of our product line that does not interfere with the roofing system. Fabulous enhancement to any home and business, especially with our roofing product(s).

Yes. Normal types of protrusions through the roof do not pose a problem. They need to be flashed and detailed properly. Skylights must be curbed, not flush-mounted. If there are existing skylights that show deterioration or if the existing skylights are 10 or more years old, we suggest new skylights be installed.

Even the best skylights have 20-year warranties. It does not make sense to install a long term roof with a skylight that will soon need to be replaced.

Metal roofing is an eco-friendly roofing material with a long service life, so it is unsurprising that many building owners who select a metal roof are also interested in the energy saving benefits of solar panels. The good news is that solar panels are easy to install on metal roofing.

Solar and metal roofing are perfectly suited because both products have long life spans. Solar panels are also easy to install on metal roofing, and both are environmentally friendly building solutions. Solar panels typically come with a warranty somewhere around 20 to 25 years. With such a long service life solar panels can very easily outlast conventional roof systems, such as shingles. Metal roofing on the other hand, can last 50 years or more which means there should be no need to ever replace the roof system.

Metal roofing is also an energy efficient building material that can lower utility costs. When paired together, metal roofing and solar panels are a great way to improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Chances are that you currently use your cell phone in metal roofed buildings on a regular basis. Think of the restaurants where you eat, the stores in which you shop, your work, your bank, your church, etc... Many of those buildings have metal roofs or metal decks beneath flat roofs. If you currently have very, very weak or spotty cell phone reception inside of your home, a metal roof may be the “straw that breaks the camel’s back.”

Adding a cell phone signal booster in your house would have been helpful before the metal roof and certainly would be helpful after your metal roof is installed. However, if you have fair to excellent cell phone reception now, the metal roof should not have any noticeable effect.

Residential metal roofing is available in a variety of aesthetically pleasing designs that can heighten the curb appeal of any home. In addition to conventional panels, there are several styles that are virtually indistinguishable from conventional tile and shingles. Metal roofing is available in a wide array of colors as well, making it easy to find an option that best suits any style of residential home.

Creative Roofing Solutions has a technically trained Customer Service source that is very experienced. Chances are, any question you ask, has been handled many times before by them. We do not travel or go to job sites to offer “field assistance” at the jobsite.

Creative Roofing Solutions is only a distribution company, but we have certified roofers to recommend.

Yes we do, you can request one on our contact page. You may also view the metal roof styles, colors and materials available in our Products/Roofing section.

Pre-Sales Question?

Creative Roofing Solutions has a technically trained Customer Service source that is very experienced. Chances are, any question you ask, has been handled many times before by us.

Want to request a Product Catalogue?

You can request a product catalogue on our Contact Page. You may also view the metal roof styles, colors and materials available in our Products/Roofing section.

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