Metal Roofing Benefits

Gorgeous, Hardwearing, and Energy Efficient

5 Reasons

Why metal roofing is the best


1.) A Wise Investment

Asphalt roofing is a lower up-front cost compared to a quality metal roof, however the metal roof will last you a lifetime. With little to no maintenance a metal roof can last over 50 years!


2.) A Look To Suit Homes and Businesses

Metal roofs come in many shapes, styles and colors. They stand out proudly from their asphalt counterparts in any business or residential neighborhood.


3.) Longevity and Toughness

Metal roofing doesn't degrade in extreme temperatures. It can protect your home from high winds, fire, hail, and salt air, and it doesn't require extreme maintenance to do so.


4.) Environmentally Responsible

Metal is the most environmentally responsible, sustainable roofing material. Our roofing is made from recycled materials and can itself be entirely recycled at the end of its long lifetime.

Metal roofing can often be installed over an existing roof, entirely eradicating the negative environmental impact of disposal of the old roof.


5.) Energy Frugal, Money Frugal

Our metal roofing is certified as a "Cool Roof". They are engineered to reflect solar radiation away from the home, which helps lower the roof's temperatures by up to 50%. As you can imagine, this can assist in reducing air conditioning fees!

Metal Roofing is Green"!

By its very nature, metal roofing is environmentally responsible. Owning a metal roof is great for the environment - and your energy bill! Demolition represents more than 90% of all total construction and demolition debris generation, and an estimated 110 million tons of roofing waste goes to landfills every year. Shingles alone count for 12 million tons of waste!

Metal roofing stands the test of time.

Metal roofing can quite often be installed over your existing old roof, which entirely eliminates the environmental and financial consequences of tearing down and disposing of the old roof.

Metal Roofing has a Lifetime of Resilience and Durability

Endurance is perhaps the biggest reason that people chose metal roofing for their homes and businesses. Metal roofing can last 50+ years and still be robust and gorgeous!

Unlike metal roofing, asphalt needs to be replaced three to four times more regularly. When you consider the repair, maintenance and replacement fees of asphalt roofing weighed against the value of money-(and-energy)-frugal metal roofing, the choice is an easy one.

➜ 50 Years ➜

Metal 100

Non-Metal 100





Metal Roofing benefits from its

Mother Nature

Metal roofing reflects solar radiation and heat

Three hundred and sixty five days a year, your roof is literally the roof over your head. It protects you from all manner of weathers, and at all times: the sun.

In California the heat lasts all year long, and that brutal assault can play havoc on traditional roofs. They crack, break, dry out, leading to expensive repairs or liquid ingress.

On the other hand, metal roofing is completely impervious to the sun's war on roofs. Metal roofing will not crack or break in the heat.

Utilising modern technology's advancements we provide metal roofing coated in materials that keep the roof looking gorgeous.

Metal roofing drops snow, debris and ice rapidly

Snow, debris and ice can cause many issues with roofs. Snow is deceptively heavy and can cause significant damage leading to leaks, or even roof collapse. Metal however, is clever! It absorbs heat from the sun through the snow, which heats the metal and allows it to shed the snow rapidly.

Metal roofing is designed to manage as much ice and snow as nature can throw at it!

Metal roofing protects from lightning

Metal roofs do not attract lightning. Metal conducts electricity, but it does not attract electricity or lightning or any such.

Electricity always wants to find the fastest path to ground, and lightning is no different. Lighting generally strikes the highest object in the area, which is very rarely the top of a house.

If needed, a lightning protection specialist can add grounding to your metal roof.

Metal roofs hold up against strong hail

Metal roofing holds its own against hail, particularly our steel metal roofing. To test roofing materials for hail impact resistance, a steel ball is dropped as a simulation of a hail stone impact. This is the most popular hail stone resistance test. Metal roofs pass U.L. 2218 at Class IV, which is the absolute top rating.

Due to this, if you are a home owner living in a hail prone location, you can often receive insurance premium discounts. Furthermore, steel metal roofing will hold up against hail even after decades of being in situ.

Other lower quality roofing materials are more at risk of hail damage over the years.

Metal lessen the risk of fire

Metal roofing is the top choice for lessening the risks of fire damage to your home or business, especially in California.

Metal does not allow falling fire embers, sparks, or burning detritus from chimneys, wildfires, fire pits, bonfires etc to start a roof fire.

When migrating from a traditional roof to a metal roof, homeowners often find that they can save money on their insurance premiums. Furthermore, metal roofing is lightweight and as such is less prone to collapse and cause further damage during a building fire.

Firefighters need every second they can get to help save your home and the people inside, and having a roof that's not as likely to collapse while they're fighting a fire is a great benefit.

Metal roofs are smart in Earthquake zones

Metal roofing is lightweight, pliable and stable, which is why it's one of the best roof defences available in earthquake zones.

Traditional concrete and asphalt roofs can weigh ten times as much as a metal roof - or even more! Earthquakes and heavy roofs are not a good mix.

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