About our Steel

The best metal roofing manufacturers start the production process with a careful selection of materials they use. Our steel comes from one of the most trusted names in the steel industry – ArcelorMittal. This Luxembourgian multinational steel manufacturing corporation is a reliable partner guided by a philosophy to produce safe, sustainable steel. And why steel? Because, it’s extremely durable, eco-friendly and energy efficient. All this to manufacture the metal roofing your property deserves.

About the Coatings

To take inherent steel qualities even further, our steel has a coating applied. During the Supre & Ulta manufacturing process, a Noble Matt coating is used. It is incredibly resistant to extreme weather and protects from fading and rusting, providing a permanent finish to our metal roofing products. Actually, the Noble Matt coating is so durable that it’s covered by a limited lifetime warranty.


Precision Engineering

Meticulous Testing and Quality Assurance

Our metal roofing products undergo rigorous tests in the settings of UL – the largest independent testing laboratory in the world. That’s how we can assure the highest quality of our materials and their superb resistance against fire (Class A), high wind (Class 90) and extreme weather (Class 4).

The Manufacturing Process

Metal roofing manufacturing starts with coils of metal, which are coated with zinc. Then multiple layers of primer coating are applied. After such preparation, steel goes through the system of rollers, which creates necessary ribs and subsequently cuts sheets to the required length. Pre-drilled holes and modular shapes facilitate future installation.

Why our roofing is the best

Made of the highest quality German steel for its durability and environmental friendliness. Not only does a steel roof last twice as long as conventional roofing products, but it is also one of the most recycled products on earth.

Wind, Hail & Fire

Our modular metal roof tiles have been tested at wind speeds exceeding 200 mph are designed to withstand category 4 hail damage as well as meeting the highest fire safety ratings.

Your property is often the most important investment decision you can make.

Ease of Installation

We pre-drill the fastener holes; our pieces fit together accurately, easily and do not need to be 100% secured until the entire system is in place.

This makes adjusting the system easier, the installation time faster and less wasted material; ultimately saving money on your project.

Long Lasting

Our long-lasting metal roofing systems are made to protect your property for decades to come and increase its value.

Covered with a noble matt coating, they effectively protect against long-term wear and provide maximum corrosion resistance in any application.

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Metal Roofing Benefits

Gorgeous, hard-wearing, safe from the weather and energy efficient. Metal roofing is a wise investment for any home or business - find out why!


Metal Roofing for New Homes

Installing a metal roof on your home is a great way to have a lifetime of zero maintenance with no leaks, energy-efficient savings, and beauty.


Metal Roofing Vs. Asphalt

Modern asphalt shingles are highly vulnerable to breakdown, shedding, even within a year of install. Metal is permanent, with none of these issues!

Frequently Asked Questions

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What we offer

The metal roofing products we offer are designed to withstand the destructive forces of nature. Made of the highest quality German steel, our Supre and Ulta roof systems offer the highest fire safety ratings, hail impact resistance and maximum wind protection in severe weather environments.

Not only does a steel roof last twice as long as conventional roofing products, but it is also one of the most recycled products on earth. The innovative installation process of our modular roofs reduces the time required as well as material waste during installation.


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Joan Chambers
Joan Chambers
18:16 28 Jan 21
Encountered wind damage to aluminum roof. Called half a dozen roofing companies and... Creative Roofing was only firm to call me back. They responded quickly and covered my roof with a tarp until they could do the repairs two days later. They were able to completely repair the roof using the material that had blown off for a very reasonable more
Ray Gonzales State Farm Agent
Ray Gonzales State Farm Agent
18:13 06 Jan 21
Creative Roofing Solutions has The Best solution to have the STRONGEST Roof for your... home! Ask for Josh! He’s a Man of his Word! A person you can trust. Inquire about their Steel Roof solution for the best way to protect your home against the craziest weather more
joel allen
joel allen
12:43 11 Dec 20
I found creative roofing solutions from a friend so we called them for a quote to... reroof our house. From the initial call speaking to Jon, to the inspection was wonderful. He is very knowledgeable, professional and informative. This by the way was our third bid and we were very surprised because this company was the only one that spoke to us about metal roofs. All the other companies wanted to do the composite roof because that’s what we currently have. We were blown away about how good metal roofs are. Now they are more expensive (not to to bad though) but they are so much better. They have a 50 year warranty, will outlive us (which means we will never have to do another roof again), recyclable or Environmentally friendly, stop fires because embers can’t burn metal and way better looking. We found out that our home insurance is now cheaper as well and it raised our property value 10’s of thousands of dollars. Wow this company is the best.. Metal roofs are the new way, we jumped on the train early and so should you. We highly recommend Creative Roofing Solutions and Jon.. Thank you so more
jason hirschi
jason hirschi
18:35 26 Nov 20
Thanks for the new roof!!
Adam Dupuis
Adam Dupuis
16:49 26 Nov 20
Zachary Jones
Zachary Jones
15:42 26 Nov 20
Roofs of Hazzard LLC
Roofs of Hazzard LLC
15:37 26 Nov 20
Donovan Amato
Donovan Amato
15:35 26 Nov 20
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